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Resources to Improve your Career Adaptabilities at:
Stage 3-Career Exploration

In this phase, staying focused on work and career goals can be challenging, especially with shifting mental health circumstances. The following are examples of strategies that may help individuals increase their sense of control over their work future: 

Planning, Organization, and Time Management  

Calendaring, task lists, and prioritization, such as long-term planning that entailed updating professional skills and qualifications and building financial security. Can also include mid-term planning skills, like attaining professional skills, qualifications, and budgeting. 

Interpersonal Effectiveness 

Introductory effectiveness in a work or school contexts, such as introducing oneself, active listening, asking questions, and self-monitoring 

Symptom Management 

Working with a behavioral health treatment provider or team of providers to improve stability of one’s mental health situation such that one feels well enough to engage in conversations around work  

Wellness Cultivation 

Working with health providers, such as a primary care doctor, to find manageable ways to improve wellness, such as a safe increase in physical activity. Developing daily wellness routines, such as those related to proper nutrition, sleep hygiene, physical activity, and mindfulness meditation. Consider wellness resources designed specifically for individuals living with mental health conditions. 

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