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Resources to Improve your Environmental Awareness at:
Stage 2-Career Consideration

The following are examples of strategies and resources that service providers can use to help individuals increase environmental awareness: 

Learn about Vocational Services 

Individuals may benefit from assistance learning about the different types of available services and locating local services. Services designed especially for individuals living with serious mental health conditions, such as Individual Placement & Support (IPS), or a clubhouse, are ideal. If those are not available locally, individuals could seek services through their state vocational rehabilitation commission. It may not be enough to simply point an individual in the right direction. Instead, consider accompanying the individual to visit programs and become acquainted with the setting and staff.  

Learn about Legal Protections  

that apply to individuals with serious mental health conditions This includes issues related to disability disclosure, accommodations, and Family and Medical Leave Act.  

Benefits Education  

Individuals can meet with a qualified benefits counselor [link] to learn about social security work incentives and how future employment may impact their benefits. 

Connection to Online Resources 

If they have computer and internet access, individuals can become familiar with resources that address vocational barriers for people with serious mental health conditions. Depending on their level of internet literacy, they may benefit from having someone orient them to the website.

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