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Resources to Improve your Environmental Awareness at:
Stage 4-Career Choice and Preparation

The following are examples of strategies and resources that may help individuals increase their environmental awareness: 

Learn about Employee and Student Benefits

Individuals may benefit from coaching around how to maximize the utility of available employee or student benefits. Topics may include effective use of sick time, the differences between short-term and long-term disability, Family and Medical Leave, and who to go to for different kinds of needs (example HR, employee counseling, etc.). 

Applying for Accommodations 

Many schools have a formal process for applying for academic accommodations. It is better to put accommodations in place proactively. Individuals may want assistance evaluating whether they would benefit from requesting formal accommodations at work. 

Benefits Counseling 

Individuals can meet with a qualified benefits counselor [link] to determine how to maximize the utility of work incentives in their specific work situation

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