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Resources to Improve your Self-Efficacy at:
Stage 3- Career Exploration

The following are examples of strategies and resources that may help individuals strengthen their career advancement self-efficacy: 

Peer Mentors 

Mentors can include other individuals with lived experience (peers) who can relate to challenges specific to mental health and decent work. Peers can serve as an important source of encouragement and modeling. 


Increase Meaningful Vocational Activity 

At this level it can be helpful to capitalize on self-efficacy by increasing participation in work settings of interest through part-time employment. Individuals may require active assistance in choosing, getting, and keeping part-time employment through programs such as Individual Placement & Support.  


Symptom Management for Work or School 

Now may also be the time to build the foundation for managing symptoms at work or school. Consider illness management and/or wellness resources designed specifically for individuals living with mental health conditions. The individual can use part-time work or school as a platform for identifying triggers and solutions. 

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