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Resources to Improve your Self Efficacy at:
Stage 5- Career Establishment and Maintenance

The following are examples of strategies and resources that may help individuals sustain their confidence in their ability to advance their careers in a direction of their choosing: 

Peer & Non-Peer Mentors 

Individuals at this level are busy balancing personal wellness, social, and work responsibilities. They may benefit from assistance developing proactive and intentional approaches to maintaining relationships with people they admire both in and outside the workplace (like senior co-workers or professors). Mentors can include other individuals with lived experience (peer) who can relate to challenges specific to mental health and decent work. Peers or not, these relationships can serve as an important source of encouragement over the long-term. 


Individuals in this phase may benefit from regular check ins with a supportive, trustworthy person such as a mentor, senior coworker, or counselor. They can  assist with planning and provide accountability to follow through on tasks related to opportunities for vocational growth while also meeting current responsibilities.  See an example of a coaching model here.  

Vocational Growth Opportunities 

Individuals at this level may also benefit from assistance choosing and getting appropriately challenging opportunities to advance occupation-specific knowledge and expertise as well as soft skills.  

Wellness Cultivation 

Individuals may feel that their mental health will not get in the way of work because they are attending to their illness management and wellness cultivation. When they are feeling well is an opportune time to optimize wellness routines, which can help improve their confidence in their ability to meet new responsibilities. Individuals may benefit from assistance developing and maintaining routines related to proper nutrition, sleep hygiene, physical activity, and mindfulness meditation. Consider wellness resources designed specifically for individuals living with mental health conditions. 

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