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Uma Chandrika Millner
Lab Director

Uma 4.jpg

Dr. Uma Chandrika Millner (she/her) is an Assistant Professor in the Division of Psychology and Applied Therapies at Lesley University and the Principal Investigator of the Mental Health Identity and Adaptability (MHIA) Research Lab. Her overall professional approach is grounded in social justice, spirituality, and multiculturalism. 

Dr. Millner’s research is largely intersectional, bridging areas of vocational psychology, psychiatric rehabilitation, and multiculturalism. Dr. Millner has conducted numerous research projects involving qualitative, quantitative, and instrument development methodologies focused on community integration of adults living with serious mental health conditions and the mental health of culturally diverse populations. As a participatory researcher, Dr. Millner partners with individuals with lived experience to inform and develop her research projects. In her free time, Dr. Millner likes to be punny, quote Kungfu Panda and the Pirates of the Caribbean, critique Starbucks chai lattes (while drinking copious amounts), and cooking really spicy South Asian food.



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