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Resources to Improve your
Work Motivation at:
Stage 4-Career Choice and Preparation

The following are examples of helpful strategies and resources that service providers or individuals themselves can seek out to help sustain work motivation: 

Weekly Coaching  

Qualified individuals such as employment service providers, peer specialists, or rehabilitation counselors can provide weekly “coaching” sessions. They can assist with staying focused on career and wellness goals, provide accountability to follow through on important tasks, and provide encouragement during periods when work or school drive may naturally decrease – such as times of doubt, low energy, and symptom resurgence. Coaches can also help address fears and concerns through the development of wellness and crisis plans [link].  

Peer Mentorship 

People may be able to address their fears and concerns through a sustained relationship with a peer mentor – someone who lives with a serious mental health condition, who the individual admires, and who sustains a decent work life.  

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