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Resources to Improve your Work Motivation at:
Stage 5-Career Establishment and Maintenance

The following are examples of helpful strategies and resources that service providers or individuals themselves can seek out to help sustain work motivation: 


Individuals in this stage may benefit from assistance with staying focused on goals, accountability to their career goals, and reinforcing their expectations for a decent work future. Individuals in this stage may experience high expectations of themselves and challenges experienced in this stage may be viewed either as a personal failure or as being related to their mental health situation. These experiences can result in lapses in motivation, and it may be helpful to remind individuals at this stage that work-related challenges occur for all individuals irrespective of whether they have a mental health diagnosis. 

Continuing Education 

Although individuals at this level may be quite busy with day-to-day work activities, participating in personal and professional development activities that align with their long-term wellness and career goals can go a long way toward preventing burnout or relapse and sustaining work motivation

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